Busy households reduce troubles with waterproof flooring!

Does your household sometimes drive you crazy, making you wish you had family-friendly flooring that was waterproof? If you have kids that track paint through your kitchen, or pets that trail mud through your living room, you may be in desperate need of waterproof flooring. Whether you're entertaining guests with a cozy wine and cheese soiree, or trying to survive another mac and cheese food fight, stain, odor, and scratch-resistant waterproof floors make life all that much easier and less stressful, regardless of the household size.

Waterproof flooring is also... stainproof!

Premium-grade waterproof flooring has many surface coats, one of which ensures that stains don't stick around. Now, that can come in handy when life's little accidents happen. If you spill that large glass of red wine, there's no need to whine. And, if your pup pees on the floor... again, or has any other kind of stinky mishap, cleaning your floors will be easy.

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Waterproof flooring is... waterproof!

Yes, waterproof flooring is, unsurprisingly, waterproof. So, if your bathtub overflows because of a sunken dinosaur, or if that leaky roof you've been putting off repairing caves in, your floors can withstand quite a bit of water. You may not have enough towels to clean up that mini flood, but your floors won't get ruined.

Waterproof Flooring is... a Breeze to Install and Maintain!

With some flooring types, it can take weeks and months to prepare and complete an installation. But, with this flooring, your professional installation team will be done before you know it. Forget about noxious fumes or sneezing-fit inducing dust. In fact, you don't have to worry about temporarily moving out of your home, because waterproof flooring is one painlessly quick project. Once installed, all it takes is minimal sweeping and mopping to keep your floors gorgeous.
Waterproof flooring in Royal Palm Beach, FL from Royal Palm Floors

Waterproof Flooring is... Scratchproof!

Finalizing stain colors and a specific type of finish rounds out your look and helps create the overall ambiance you've always wanted. For stain colors, it’s important to know that you’ll get more options with materials that are finished on site. Prefinished, on the other hand, has fewer colors choices but allows for a quicker install. Paying attention to your floor’s finish can even help to hide signs of wear and tear, especially if you choose vintage or distressed.

Before installation can be attempted, this material must always have time to acclimate to your own environment. This can take as little as 24 hours or as many as 72 hours. It’s worth the wait, though, because it assures your flooring will not buckle, warp, or crack right after installation.