Prepare to be amazed by premium laminate flooring

Prepare to be amazed by the long list of benefits that comes along with laminate flooring installations. When you choose laminate for your bedroom, kitchen, or home office, you're opting for one fine-looking product that is highly durable, easy to maintain, and super budget-friendly. Believe it or not, that's just the icing on the cake! Check out what laminate can offer your next home remodeling.

Work that trendy look with laminate

Laminate comes in a shocking amount of colors, textures, looks, and grains, and is even capable of replicating expensive flooring types like exotic Tigerwood or superior-grade marble. As it is so budget-friendly, you won't have to pay top-dollar for any of those quality solid hardwoods, because look-alike laminate is the chameleon of flooring. Pick the style and appearance you want for your renovation, and then purchase it in laminate!

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Are you telling me laminate is easy to clean, too?!

Whether it's in the kitchen, bathroom, or basement, your new laminate floors are a cinch to clean. Forget about scrubbing and buffing, because that's a thing of the past. All you'll have to do to keep these floors shiny, bright and new-looking is a quick sweep and an even faster mop job. That's it!

Laminate flooring is one tough cookie

What do you get when you combine a solid core board with high-grade materials and a sturdy surface layer? You get one tough flooring type that's nearly scratch and dentproof, built to outlast any busy household. What's more, that sturdy surface layer is stain-resistant. So, go ahead, spill something!
Laminate flooring in Royal Palm Beach, FL from Royal Palm Floors

Save some money with budget-friendly laminate

There's no doubt that your wallet will feel a bit heavier after purchasing this cost-efficient flooring. Since modern-day laminate is manufactured using advanced technological methods, it's created to be remarkably durable, so much so that you won't be replacing that floor for years to come.

Are you hunting for the best laminate flooring on the market? Is there a home redesign in your near future? Do you feel lost when it comes to selecting the perfect type of flooring? At Royal Palm Floors, we can answer all of your tough flooring dilemmas. Come into our Royal Palm Beach, FL showroom that services the Boynton Beach, Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, and West Palm Beach regions to find out why we're Florida's laminate flooring experts.