Flooring installation


Is flooring installation a dying art?

We live in a world of nearly endless DIY training videos and tutorials, but does that mean that flooring installation is a dying art? We hardly think so. In fact, our licensed and insured flooring installation team stands ready to make your floors look absolutely stunning in a relatively short period of time. The workmanship these professionals put into play help to make your flooring dreams turn into realities, leaving you with the flooring of your dreams in no time at all. We make sure to schedule the quickest installation possible and no job is too big or small. Royal Palm Floors is proud to offer the most exceptional customer service in our area, making sure that our customers are completely satisfied with a job well done. Since you are our first priority, we want to know exactly what you want and need, and we'll do the rest. With affordable pricing in addition to high-quality products, you'll wonder why you hadn't visited out Royal Palm Beach, FL showroom much earlier. We already serve the areas of Royal Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, and West Palm Beach, and we look forward to your visit allowing us the opportunity to help you too.

Flooring installation you can count on

As we mentioned earlier, it seems these days, everyone wants to try some of the handy, do it yourself projects that are made to look so easy on YouTube and other video platforms. Bloggers also make it sound easy, listing steps to flooring installations that make you feel like you're able to take care of it with no problem. However, there are problems that can come up.



We're here to help

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Avoid problems with your flooring

For example, if your flooring of choice happens to be carpet, hardwood, or all natural stone, you probably don't have a complete list of all the special tools you'll need. These tools are necessary if you hope to attain a successful flooring installation. Without them, you could experience a wide variety of problems that could rear their ugly heads at the worst possible time. These include seam separation and balding in carpet, warping and buckling in hardwood. The best way to avoid any problems with your flooring, and to make sure your warranty is not voided, is to allow our team of flooring installation specialists do what they do best. Install your flooring. Believe us when we say that their experience will make your floors look amazing.

Flooring installations – satisfied for years to come

For over 23 years, Royal Palm Floors has provided the best in flooring sales and installations to our satisfied clients in Royal Palm Beach, Wellington, West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach. Once you have purchased flooring from us, we continue with you right through installation, approval and years to come.
Flooring installation in Palm Beach County, FL from Royal Palm Floors

Licensed and trained specialists for flooring installations

The flooring industry continually develops new products and requirements for installations. This is why it is so important for our licensed installers to keep their skill sets current. Our installers understand that a flooring installation disturbs your routines; they make sure to keep to the schedule that is suitable to you.

What to expect during flooring installations

Beforehand, please remove all small items, breakables, and small furniture, installation space. The installers will need a cleared space to set up a work area separate but convenient to the installation. Both of these areas should be above 65 degrees. We ask that you schedule to be on-site during the installation, so any questions or problems can be resolved immediately. Our crews arrive on time and start to work promptly. Let them know of any concerns you have about the installation. We request that all children and pets keep clear of the work and installation areas.