Durable carpet isn't just another pretty face!

If you've been wondering about the advantages, qualities, and characteristics of quality carpet flooring, then why not let Royal Palm Floors guide you through this wonderfully versatile and durable flooring alternative? Our experienced, friendly Royal Palm Beach, FL showroom experts are eager to show you just how fantastic carpet can be, and we have tons of samples on-site to prove it!

Comfortable carpet is oh-so deliciously cozy

Is there anyone out there that doesn't think carpet flooring is comfortable? Without a doubt, at the top of the long list of benefits that carpet has to offer, is comfort. Not only does it enhance any room with a soothing, cozy atmosphere, but it also gives you an actual, physical warmth, as carpeting is a layer of insulation. So that fuzzy, warm cushioning underfoot will keep your tootsies happy. Additionally, homeowners who have this fantastic flooring will tell you that there's nothing like lounging on a plush carpet to read a book by the fire, or waking up on a cold winter's morning to the comfort of carpeting underfoot.

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Aesthetically pleasing carpet is super chic and stylish

When it comes to eye-catching flooring, interior designers know that the spotlight is on carpet, because it can be mix-and-matched with any home decor or furniture. If you have a deep love for both paisley and plaid, so much so that you've designed your entire house around their designs, then let carpet flooring come to the style rescue. With so many colors, patterns, fibers, and pile types to choose from, you'll wonder how you were able to function without it! For a soothing room feel, pick dark carpet shades, or light, bright colors to open up a space and give it a sense of expansion. If you're looking to add some pizzazz, you can add a serious amount of personality to your home with patterned, textured carpet.

Carpet for allergies? Go ahead, take a deep breath

Many people believe that you can't install carpet if you have allergies. However, the opposite is true. It's a scientifically proven fact that carpet fibers act as a trap, retaining pollen, allergen particles, and dust, as well as other minuscule nasties, removing them from your breathing zone. When you vacuum your carpet, you're eliminating those allergens and increasing indoor air quality. So, go ahead, take a deep breath!

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If you live in the Royal Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, or West Palm Beach areas, and are interested in more information on carpet flooring, or any other flooring type, stop by our Royal Palm Floors showroom for quality flooring and professional service.